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We understand that many of our guests have a strong desire to witness the majestic Lions, which are part of the renowned BIG5. At Luleka, we are confident in our ability to make this dream come true.


By booking one of our Lion Focused Drives, you will have the opportunity to accompany our experienced guides as we venture through Manyoni Private Game Reserve in search of Lions. The primary objective of the drive is to spot these magnificent creatures, and we will dedicate the entire 3 hours to this pursuit. However, rest assured that you will also be captivated by the diverse range of other species we encounter during the drive, including cheetahs, buffalos, rhinos, elephants, and perhaps even a leopard.


In the unlikely event that we are unable to find Lions during your first drive, we offer you the chance to join us again the following day at no additional cost (Park Fees  will be payable) . We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and providing you with the best possible wildlife experience.

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